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Find out why hundreds of hairdressers have joined our community

We understand small businesses do not have the marketing budget, time or expertise to navigate the Google-verse productively.

Being “searchable” on the web in competitive industries such as hairdressing is critical but we know it isn’t easy, and unless the searcher is specifically looking for your business by name, often you will never be found.

Hair Hunters enables businesses both big and small to leverage our reach and be found on the top pages of search engines.

Salons, freelancers, employees and budding apprentices alike now have a platform to showcase their work to customers searching for them.

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Some of the hardest work as a hairstylist has little to do with cutting hair and a lot to do with building a client base and professional brand. Possessing a healthy list of loyal clients is a great measure of success.

Hair Hunters recognises the importance of new and repeat client engagement in maximising your time and bookings.

By listing on our growing platform, you can expand your services to a wider, ‘ready-to-book’, audience while reducing your overheads. By targeting a specific community dedicated to all things hair you are able to maximise your efforts in gaining new clients quickly.

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Efficiently filling your chair is one of the most basic and important strategies as a hairstylist.

Unlike traditional methods such as Instagram or Facebook that require you to build a “following”, Hair Hunters allow you to promote unlimited last minute availabilities, specials and offers instantly. Offers are immediately presented to thousands of potential customers daily.

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Many businesses utilise social media to market their business. Instagram is a great platform to attract clients however, changes in policy and algorithm are frequent and once in a while, account hackings can also occur. If you’re solely dependent on one platform, these events could cause major disruptions to your business.

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Don't take our word for it.

We have received over 30 referrals every monthit has really helped me get my business to where it’s at today. It’s really grown, it’s really blossomed…

Victoria Melbourne Stylist

Owner of Gloss gallery

Profile Features

Last Minute Bookings

Cancellations happen. Fill your chairs by posting unlimited last minute availabilities.

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BYO Booking Calendar

Bring your booking widget and take online bookings with your own software e.g. Timely, Kitomba, Shortcuts etc...

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Build your brand credibility and instill customer confidence like never before. Showcase your skills, qualifications and achievements to let customers know why you’re the one


Customers can connect with you via direct message, email, phone or SMS

Virtual Consultation Forms

Consultations are important and so is your time. We've added a colour consultation form to streamline the process.

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Put yourself on the map and be seen by locals searching for you

We work with…

Don’t see your booking system? Contact us and we’ll have it added in no time!


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Free Profile

$0.00 / month

Premium Profile

$9.00 / month

Ultimate Profile

$39.00 / month

  • Ideal for salons with multiple locations
  • Unlimited profiles on our directory (for each location)
  • Manage all your salons from one account
  • Appear on Look Book
  • Listed on Map
  • Enquiries via Direct Message
  • Post Last Minute Availabilities
  • Featured Profile (top section of Explore page)
  • SMS NOW button on your profile
  • CALL NOW button on your profile
  • BYO Booking Calendar (from Timely, Fresha, Kitomba, Square, Shortcuts etc)

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