Post an availability

Whether you have an extremely organised calendar or most flexible policies – cancellations happen. 

When they do occur, they can be quite costly and disruptive especially within 1-2 days of the appointment. 

Besides losing the revenue of the service, hidden expenses such as staff wages, space or chair costs can covertly add up – quickly eating into margins.

One way you can recuperate the associated costs is to fill that seat as quickly as possible.

Learn how you can post availabilities to a large audience on Hair Hunters.


Step 1

‘Post an Availability’ is a great way to fill seats and increase your earnings.

To create a Last Minute Offer:

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: On the top banner, select “For Hairdressers”

Step 3: From the drop down menu, select “Post an Availability”

Step 4: Choose a package

Listings should include:

  • An engaging and informative name e.g. Cut and blow wave tomorrow at 11am! 
  • Details of booking and how to redeem 
  • Date and time of availability
  • Indicative price (optional)
  • Location of salon

Step 2


Your availability will be listed via our Explore page.


Step 3


Customers can redeem the offer by contacting you through your preferred methods e.g. Direct Message, Email, Phone or SMS.

Your post will expire once the booking date and time has past. Alternatively, you can delete the post via your dashboard.

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