How do I send photos to my hairstylist?

The best way to send photos to your hairstylist is to use the Consultation Form (Quote My Hair) feature located on the top banner of the hairstylist profile.
Currently, there isn’t a way to upload images via Direct Messaging. We are working to have this feature added in the near future!

In the meantme, Virtual Consultation is a short series of questions about your current hair and what you’d like to achieve. Your responses will be sent to the hairstylist to provide an estimate for your desired look.

How long until I receive my quote?

Quoting times will vary depending on each hairstylist. On average you should receive an estimated quote for your hair within 3 business days.

Is my quote a fixed price?

No, quotes are indicative.

How do I secure my booking if I’m happy with my quote?

If you’re happy with your quote, you can choose to book directly with the hairdresser via their preferred contact method.

What if I would like to get a quote from multiple hairdressers?

We are working on a bulk messaging feature where forms can be sent to multiple hairstylists at once. Currently, you will need to send forms to each hairstylist individually.

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