Virtual Consultation Form

No time to respond to client’s phone calls or messages during the day?

Feel like you’re sending out a million messages with clients to find availability?

Find yourself not quoting accurately due to lack of information?

Our virtual consultation form is for you!

Our virtual consultation form is available on all hairdresser and salon profiles. The consultation form includes the option for customers to choose one or more category of services they would like in their next appointment:

  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Styling
  • Treatments
  • Other

We find out the customer’s hair profile, condition and history:

  • Length
  • Texture
  • Condition
  • Natural Colour
  • Colour History
  • Heat Styling Routine
  • Existing Haircare

Pictures are worth a thousand words so we have allowed customers to upload images of their current hair and what they would like to achieve.

Lastly, we’ve narrowed down their availability to enable you to quote quickly and efficiently. Click here to check out the form!


We would love to hear what you think about this feature. Send us your feedback, thoughts and questions to [email protected] or contact us here.

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